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Joint Electoral Management Body

The JEMB is an independent body mandated to administer, regulate and oversee the electoral process during the transitional period in Afghanistan. The JEMB is responsible for establishing policy guidelines, approving procedures, and exercising oversight over the electoral process. It was established by the Electoral Law and Presidential Decree and is the temporary merger of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the UNAMA Electoral Component (UEC). Exclusively, the JEMB exercises all powers of the IEC until the end of the transitional period. The JEMB consists of 13 voting members: 9 Afghan members from the IEC, appointed by the President; and 4 international members from the UEC seconded by UNAMA. The JEMB has 1 non-voting member, who is also the Chief Electoral Officer of the JEMB Secretariat. The Chairman of the JEMB chairs the sessions of the Commission. The JEMB has established the election date and election calendar for the 2005 Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council elections. In order to focus on detailed aspects of the electoral operation, the JEMB has formed sub-committees. The JEMB is also responsible for advising the President and the United Nations on issues related to the electoral process in Afghanistan.

Feature Story

Mastora Stanikzai is an educator by trade. After over 28 years in pedagogy, Commissioner Stanikzai has parlayed her teaching skills into civic and voter education on behalf of the JEMB. Read More ...

Following the fall of the Taliban regime, Afghan representatives of military forces, ethnic groups, expatriate Afghans and representatives of the exiled monarch met in Bonn (Germany). Click here

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