Political parties are the most important political actor in democratic systems. The political party is an example of the largest political organization that forms the basis of political activities, especially Election in the democratic system. The political party is a cumulative political party with a single idea. Today, the political party is a well-organized group that emerges within the political system in order to gain political power and to form a government using legal mechanisms. The political party is the most important political organization in contemporary democracies. In the opinion of many experts, democracy is ultimately nothing but party competition, and Election are meaningless without the competition of political parties. . Ultimately, the most important definition of a political party is that the political party is an organized group of citizens who share a common political view and, as a political entity, seeks to dominate the government and gain power through legitimate and well competition. The Party is a new concept that first emerged in America in the early nineteenth century as a political party. Then the right to vote is generalized in other countries, the activity of political parties is regulated. There have been political parties activities were exist in Afghanistan in the earlier eras . However, in the new era of Afghanistan, the political parties have come into play after the events of September 11, 2001 and the formation of a new democracy based on the constitution and political parties activities and formation was based on constitution. Article 35 of the Constitution of Afghanistan has recognized the formations of political parties and now many political parties are registered and formally active in the Ministry of Justice. In any society, there are certain conditions and components for the formation of political parties that must be met in order for the parties to be formed first. Components include:

  • The existence of a central sustainable organization;
  • Provincial Branches or Offices which coordinated with the Center;
  • Public support for political parties;
  • Parties' efforts for achieving political power;

The formation of strong and inclusive political parties it is necessary that political parties must be able to work within the certain criteria for gaining political power. It is required to be mentioned that the role of parties in parliamentary Election depends on the electoral system of states, which system can be simple, understandable and enforceable to the people, which determines the political activity of the parties. The Afghan electoral system has so far been a non-transferable SNTV or single voting system. Political parties in Afghanistan can nominate and support independent candidates.

Parties and Election

Today, in democratic countries, the issue of political parties is closely linked to all aspects of politics, and especially to Election. By organizing the political thoughts and tendencies in society, while forming the people of different groups and branches, political parties also align and integrate the individual and social tendencies of these groups within the framework of coherent ideas. This process, in essence, gives the campaign a deeper dimension, removing the categories and subjects of the struggle, and bringing it into the realm of organized and content-rich philosophical arena in politics and society. The role of political parties in Election is very important and constructive, which cannot be ignored because it is with the presence of political parties that more realistic and democratic Election are held. In the course of the election, the political parties and elites within the system should also focus on strengthening the political consensus that underpins the formation of a political culture commensurate with the values, norms, and fundamental beliefs of the constitution. Power groups and political parties should have recognized each other's constitutional rights, universal values, and national interests in order to institutionalize peaceful coexistence and well competition. Election are a good opportunity for the cultural and political socialization of citizens. As citizens practically recognize parties and elites within the community during the election, they observe speech rallies and campaigns as they attempt to influence citizen thought and thinking by presenting their party and group plans. The most important efforts of the political parties during the Election are to introduce the candidates and to direct the voters. Likewise, the actors of power should not overlook the principle that political competition requires the rule of plurality of political groups. It is only then that the game of power emerges from the hegemonic and monopolistic state and forms the basis of a democratic society by approaching the model of balanced political pluralism. Therefore, according to the constitution of Afghanistan, political parties operate in the election process; political party can obtain credentials in order to monitor all electoral processes, especially the process of registering voters and polling stations on Election Day. The IEC has also consulted with political parties and other entities involved in the electoral process, such as national and international election observers, at all stages of the election process, considering their views and viewpoints to further advance electoral affairs.

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