Kandahar Province
100.0% of Estimated Total Votes Counted* - Last Updated 25 October 2004 11:03

CandidatePolitical PartyVotes%
Hamid KarzaiIndependent281,02591.0%
Yonous QanooniHezb-e-Nuhzhat-e-Mili Afghanistan 9,2023.0%
Hamayon Shah AsifiIndependent3,7431.2%
Syed Ishaq GilaniNuhzat-e-Hambastagee Mili Afghanistan 3,2401.0%
Massooda JalalIndependent2,7430.9%
Haji Mohammad MohaqiqIndependent2,6290.9%
Ahmad Shah AhmadzaiIndependent2,3310.8%
Abdul Latif PedramHezb-e-Congra-e-Mili Afghanistan 9220.3%
Abdul Satar SeratIndependent7120.2%
Abdul Hadi KhalilzaiIndependent4620.1%
Abdul Hafiz MansoorIndependent4500.1%
Abdul Rashid DostumIndependent2960.1%
Mir Mohammad Mahfouz NedaeeIndependent2810.1%
Syed Abdul Hadi DabirIndependent2470.1%
Wakil MangalIndependent2370.1%
Ghulam Farooq NijrabiHezb-e-Istiqlal-e-Afghanistan1740.1%
Mohammad Ebrahim RashidIndependent1060.0%
Abdul Hasseb AryanIndependent960.0%
Valid Votes 308,896100.0%
Invalid Votes ** 3,680 
Total Votes 312,576 
* Total votes estimate equal to sum of votes from polling stations checked in plus projected votes for outstanding polling stations.
** Invalid votes account for 1.2% of total votes.
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