Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Preliminary Results of 2014 Presidential Election

Kabul, Afghanistan, 26 April 2014 – The IEC, based on the authorities stated in paragraph 14 of Article 14 of the Structural Law of IEC and IECC, in which the announcement of primary results is one of the authorities of IEC and also considering provisions of paragraph 20 of Article 4 of the Electoral Law, the IEC officially announces primary results of 2014 presidential elections and their relevant figures.

The IEC, for the purpose of preventing fraud, the audit of dubious votes and to give the right to rightful, handed over (1964) polling stations’ votes to audit team. Moreover, the IEC referred (810) polling stations for recount process; as a result of the IEC audit, (234674) votes of the aforesaid polling stations were invalidated. Level of general participation of people in presidential election was (6892816) voters, out of which 64% were males and 36% were females that out of the abovementioned votes, (6617666) were valid votes.

Based on the announced primary results, proportion and percentage of votes of the leading candidates are as follows:

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah   2973706   44. 9 %
Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi   2082417   31.5 %
Dr. Zalmay Rasool   759540   11. 5 %
Abd‐ur_Rab Rasool Sayaf   468340   07.1 %
Eng. Qutb‐ud‐Din Hilal   180859   02.7 %
M. Shafiq Gul Agha Shirzi   106673   01.6 %
M. Dawood Sultanzi   30737   0.5 %
Hidayat Amin Arsala   15394   0.2 %

It is to be stated that by no means the aforesaid primary results are final. So far, the IEC has received no decision of the IECC with reference to the votes abovementioned. Taking note of implementation of decisions of IECC by IEC, the mentioned primary results are changeable.

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