Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Political Deputy of UNAMA expressed satisfaction on IEC, PC assessment progress in Afghanistan

Pernille Dahler Cardel met his Excellency Najeebullah Ahmahzai, IEC Chairman in his office today. Mr. Ahmadzai spoke about progresses made in the PC assessment process. He added that around 90% of the process was successful and efforts are in progress to cover the districts with high security threats. Mr. Ahmadzai said that procuring technology for BVR is in progress and qualified companies are identified. As soon as the technology is procured, the BVR will start with modernized system.

Mrs. Cardel appreciated the successful PC assessment process and use of technology by IEC.

She added that successful implementation of BVR as PC assessment process will be a great success to IEC. She pledged comprehensive technical support for BVR.

Technology was used for the PC assessment that was able to take GPS. To have free, fair, transparent, universal and acceptable elections in Afghanistan, IEC will use technology for BVR as well.