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John Matisonn, Chairman:

John Matisonn is an experienced media regulator from South Africa , who was Executive Editor for a Broadcasting Corporation during the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994. He has trained journalists and Members of Parliament to observe and report on elections in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Morocco.

He established a policy think-tank and training institute, “Public Broadcasting Initiative”, and was an award-winning foreign correspondent in Africa for among others the Washington Post and the Observer and National Public Radio (USA).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics and was a William F. Benton Fellow in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Chicago.

Baqer Moin, Vice Chairman:

Baqer Moin followed closely the development of the Afghan media since the fall of the Taliban, and is a well-known commentator on the region.

During his professional career he worked for the BBC in different capacities. He led the expansion of the operations of the BBC to Iran , Afghanistan and Central Asia and has been involved in training Afghan journalists since 2002.

He familiarized himself with the key players in politics and media especially in Afghanistan . Baqer Moin has a background in Islamic jurisprudence, Arabic and Media.

Dad Mohammad Annaby, Member:

Dad Mohammad Annaby has extensive professional background in Media and Culture. He was promoted from Director of Information and Culture in Bamyan province to Director of the High Council of Media and Culture in the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Besides his professional career he has published essays and books focused on media development in Afghanistan and is working at this moment on two new books.

He speaks Dari, Pashto, Arabic and English.

Mohamad Arif Gharwal, Member:

Mohamad Arif Gharwal has published many works of literature and history in Afghanistan . He mixed active involvement in the media with a more scientific occupation, and was a member of the Language and Literature Center in the Scientific Academy in Kabul while he was editor of the Mayubiat Magazine.

Mohamad Arif Gharwal was promoted to President of the Educational Department of Khost Province and after that he rejoined the Scientific Academy in Kabul as acting Director at the Scientific Academy.

Fawzia Nazari, Member:

Fawzia Nazari promoted democracy through independent media in Afghanistan as a journalist for the Kabul Weekly paper, Chief Editor for Women & Law Magazine and the Waqayat Magazine. Besides this she has trained women to understand the new constitution in Afghanistan , in Parwan, Herat and Balkh .

She studied literature at Kabul University , participated in BBC training and completed a Journalism and Peace training program with the Sanaye Association.


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