Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Press Releases

Joint Press Release of the Electoral Commissions on Validating the Votes of People in the October 20, 2018 Elections

The electoral commissions, while acknowledging the extensive participation of people in elections, are committed to observance of law and protection of votes of the people as a trust. Given the status quo of the country and considering some of the irregularities during the E Day, a great deal of complaints have been received by the commissions in relation to negligence, violation and electoral crimes.


Commencement of Voter Registration first phase at the provincial capitals

Dr. Abdul Badi Sayat IEC Chairman announced the commencement of VR process in a press conference at IEC HQ office on 14 April 2018. Dr. Sayat added: In accord with the electoral law of Afghanistan the Independent Election Commission is committed to conducting the Wolesi Jirga and District Council elections on 20 October 2018 and will bring reformation in all electoral; hence we are starting the voter registration in 34 provincial capitals to prepare the voter list and connect each voter to a specific polling center.


Press Release of IEC in Response to the Latest Statement of the Political Parties and Movements on Elections

The Independent Election Commission, respecting the provisions of the elections law, is committed to bringing reforms in all different electoral processes. This Commission while taking into consideration the role and importance of the political parties in a democratic system, especially in the electoral process, has continuously endeavored to seek views, opinions and recommendations of the relevant stakeholders in this national process, especially of the political parties.


Press Release on signing Project Document to support Afghanistan Elections

KABUL, 4 October 2017 – The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan is pleased to announce the signing, with the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the Electoral Complaints Commission, of the Project Document to support Afghanistan elections. The Project Document was signed today in Kabul at the first meeting of the Project Board, providing the legal and financial framework allowing the UN and donors to support and strengthen Afghanistan’s electoral institutions and operations.