Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan


Training Workshop on Electoral Systems starts at IEC, HQ

Kabul, Afghanistan, February 23, 2015 - A Five-day training workshop on Electoral systems started on Sunday by IEC training and capacity building department.

This workshop is conducted at IEC HQ. IEC acting CEO Aurangzeb, IEC heads of departments, employees and some employees from IECC have participated in this workshop.


Electoral Media Commission Proposed Amendment on Electoral Law

Kabul, Afghanistan, November 19, 2014 - The Electoral Media Commission on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 conducted a consultative meeting in relation to proposed amendments in Electoral Law of the country in the IEC Training Center. In this meeting, officials and representatives of election observer organizations, journalists’ supporting organizations, mass media officials, journalists and media attended.


Media Commission Appreciates Provincial Media and Reporters’ Activities

Kabul, Afghanistan, November 18, 2014 - Understanding the value of media activities with regard to encouraging people to take part in the elections and strengthening the electoral organizations through extensive reflection and inclusive coverage of the elections by the media, the IEC admired and appreciated both in Kabul and provinces activities of the mass media, reporters, presenters of electoral programs and cameramen who in some way have been involved in the reflection of this national process.


Awarding Appreciation Letter to Journalists

Kabul, Afghanistan, November 05, 2014 - The IEC Media Commission hold a meeting in the IEC media center on November 5, 2014 to appreciate journalists and news agencies which had done extensive activities for encouraging people to participate in presidential and provincial councils’ elections of 2014 and covered the electoral process.