Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan


Announcement of provincial councils internal election timeline

Kabul, Afghanistan, November 05, 2014 - acting CEO of IEC and representative of IDLG in a press conference announced the Election Timeline of Internal Board Members of Provincial Council Election for 34 provinces.

In regards to Electoral Law, IEC have to hold the election of membership of Mashrano Jirga in 15 days, and the election for internal board member in 20 days after creation of Provincial Council.

So, Independent Election Commission intend to held the election for membership of Mashrano Jirga at Monday 10 November, and the election for internal board member of provincial council at 15 of November.


See the answers to frequently-asked questions about the on-going audit process

Kabul, Afghanistan, 17 August – A new Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet is now available on the IEC website Read more...


Audit and recount of ballot boxes requiring special scrutiny has begun

Kabul, Afghanistan, 17 August – Audit teams have begun to process ballot boxes requiring special scrutiny. Boxes from 6,000 polling stations (3,000 identified by each candidate) are being given particular attention by candidate agents and observers, in accord with item 16 on the audit checklist form. To this end, teams will examine ballot boxes and their contents, according to the audit checklist form. In addition, the ballots inside each these boxes will be completely recounted by the most experienced Audit Teams.


IEC Chairman met with new representative of America for Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan, 02 August 2014 – Dr. Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani, IEC chairman met Mr. Daniel Feldman new representative of America for Afghanistan today Saturday 2nd August 2014 at HQ office, both excellency met to talk on the recount and audit of presidential election votes and latest information of the process and as well as appreciates the participation of Afghan voters in the election and insist for importance and support of this process.