Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

28 Political Parties Announced their Support from Electoral Process

IEC management met 28 political parties’ director and representatives at IEC HQ office on 13th March 2018. Representative of political parties committed for cooperation and added that we 28 official and registered political parties within the ministry of justice are pursuing for conducting transparent election without frauds as IEC do all effort on it. The representatives also said that political parties and IEC have mutual views on conducting elections, public awareness, monitoring election and systematic changes.

IEC management welcomed the guests and added that IEC has cordially respect political parties which has a starring role in transparency of election. IEC management continued based on law monitoring the voter registry, distribution of Tazkira, noticing the refugees and placeless and any activities of IEC is necessary; at mean time IEC stated that changing the electoral system is logically very correct but moreover amendment of law and some technical efforts needs to be determined based on request of other political parties and time scale.