Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Initiation of first Election Task Force Committee meeting

The first Election Task Force Committee meeting conducted at IEC HQ office on 5th March 2018. The committee is consist of security institution , ministry of finance, Haj and Islamic Affairs, education, higher education, the central statistics organization, population registration department, IDLG, and other Electoral stakeholders who are involve in electoral process. IEC management welcomed the participants and believes that cooperation of the committee has vital role on the related issues, as well as based on 4th article of Election Law IEC listed its basic needs from committee.

IEC called for cooperation on accessing to budget, security of PC, PS staff and voters, distribution of Tazkira, cooperation in Public awareness and re credibility, delivery of election material, boundary delimitation and other important issues.

The committee has been established based on IEC suggestion, cooperation of international community and decree of Afghanistan government with membership of senior authorities from related organs.

The committee member appreciated and agreed for further cooperation meanwhile assumed some of their concerns and challenges.

The security institutions besides security and assistance on the delivery of material mentioned their concern regarding the female staff for female searcher. As well as the ministry of Haj, higher education and women affairs assured for their support for public awareness, IDLG discussed the boundary delimitation, ministry of finance agreed on budget and the central statistic organization will recruit more staff for distribution of Tazkira.