Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Campaign Finances

During candidate nomination, each candidate provides the IEC with information about all assets worth above a designated amount. Contributions to candidates’ campaigns may be received during the campaign period, however only Afghan citizens, political parties and other domestic legal and non-governmental entities may contribute.

Contributions may include money, loans, movable and immovable properties, services and facilities. The amount of financial contributions is limited for citizens and legal entities.

Every candidate shall submit his/her campaign contributions and expenses report to the IEC according to the regulation in effect at that time (campaign expenses include any payment made for goods, property, assets, services and facilities used in electoral campaigns).

If a candidate fails to present his/her report of contributions and financial expenses to the IEC at the due time, the Commission shall send the list of offending candidates to the ECC after its publication.

Information on campaign finances is kept confidential with the Commission, and is only provided to the judicial and justice institutions or the ECC upon official request.