Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan

Vision and Mission


“Administering and supervising all types of elections and referenda envisaged in the Constitution” The mandate of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan has been granted pursuant to article (156) of the Constitution. Based on this article, the IEC is the only institution responsible for administering and supervising elections and referenda, and acts independently. The IEC is responsible for administering the following elections and is authorized to supervise any elections in the country:

  1. Presidential Elections
  2. Wolesi Jirga Elections
  3. Provincial Council Elections
  4. District Council Elections
  5. Village Council Elections
  6. Municipal Council Elections
  7. Elections for mayors’ offices
  8. Referenda


“An Organization that will continuously strengthen and promote democracy through creating an atmosphere of trust, increasing the level of national participation, and institutionalizing regular and credible elections in the country”.


“Compliance with the laws, confidentiality of votes of people, professional and credible conduct of elections”.

Strategic goals :

  1. Strengthening an atmosphere of trust and building support of stakeholders for the electoral process
  2. Reducing the electoral expenses through capacity building, infrastructural development and better management of resources
  3. Proving the IEC as one of the best institutions in the country
  4. Conducting elections in accordance with the Law