Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan


The Independent Election Commission Secretariat (IECS) carries out professional, administrative and operational duties as required for the conduct of elections. The IECS structure includes Provincial Electoral Offices, through which it maintains permanent presence in all provinces.

The IECS is the executive arm of the IEC and is responsible for the implementation of the election operation in accordance with the policy framework defined by the IEC. The IECS is headed by chief of secretariat who is appointed by the President from among professionals requested by the IEC.

The Management Office, consisting of the Chief of secretariat and two deputies in administration and operational affairs, assume responsibility for the day-to-day management and coordination of a flat structure of Departments.

The complexity of elections warrants a comprehensive field structure managed by a strong HQ component. The goal is, however, to keep the organisational structure as flat and well-defined as possible to enable organisational flexibility. The IECS implements all election activities from the IECS HQ in Kabul and 34 provincial offices.