Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan


Mr. Awrang Zeb, (Deputy of CEO)

Mr. Awrang zeb son of Muhammad Hasan was born in 30 March 1979 in Paktia Province of Afghanistan, He finished his secondary and High School education at Sheer Khan high school in 2003 in Kunduz province.

In 2004 he enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul University and graduated from the same university in 2007.

From April 22, 2008 till Jan 12, 2011 he worked as senior officer at Ministry of Higher education.

From Jan 12, 2011 till March 12, 2012 Awrang zeb was appointed as admin and finance director of Paktika Province.

Between March 14, 2012 till November 6, 2013 he served as procurement and services director of The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).

In November 19 2013 till now Mr. Awrang zeb appointed as Deputy Chief electrical officer in Independent Election Commission in this period Mr, Awrang Zeb has enough contribution and achievements in both Presidential Election and Provincial assemblies Election.

Mr, Awrang Zeb, has working in different positions during his seven years continuous serving to the Afghan government where he has got number of appreciation letters for his achievement. Mr.Awrang Zeb has visit some foreign countries like South Korea and Russia to participate in different learning seminars and workshops.

Mr. Sayed Ibrahim Sadat, (ICT Director)

Sayed Ibrahim Sadat was born on May 20, 1983 in Afghanistan.

He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Business Management, from Islamic Azad University and a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, from Kabul University in Afghanistan.

Sayed Ibrahim Sadat has served in different key roles in the fields of ICT education, ICT, ICT policy and Elections with national and international organizations including Afghanistan Relief Organization(ARO) , Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan(CSTC-A), National Military Academy of Afghanistan(NMAA), National Institute of Management and Administration(NIMA) and the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan since 2006.

Sayed Ibrahim Sadat is presently the Director of ICT with the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan. Prior to this, he served as Deputy & Acting Head of ICT Department with the IEC.

Mr. Sadat participated in many national and international conferences and workshops with respect to ICT, Management & Leadership, Business Communication, E-government, M-government, ICT Policy and Election Technology.

Sayed Ibrahim Sadat is very fluent in Dari, Pashto and English.

Ms. Monama Mansoor Sadat (Head of Planning and Procedures Department)

Ms. Monama Mansoor Sadat was born in Kabul City in 1964 and completed her higher education in the field of National Economy Planning in the Faculty of Economics at Kabul University.

She has served from 1985 to 1996 as a planning and legal consulting general manager at the labor section of the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs. In addition, she worked as a Physics and Math teacher in Peshawar city of Pakistan and later on from 2003 to 2008 as cultural affairs manger, deputy and acting director of planning and external relations department at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Mrs. Monema Mansoor Sadat participated in several national and international conferences and workshops with respect to women’s education, management and leadership and she can speak Pashto, Dari and English languages.

Mr. Ahmad Mansoor Farid (Head of HR)

Mr. Ahmad Mansoor FaridMr. Ahmad Mansoor Farid was born in Kabul in the year 1976 and obtained his baccalaureate certificate from Abd-ul-Hadi Davi Higher Secondary School. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Farid completed his L.L.B. Degree (B.A.) at the University of Kabul in 2004.

He worked in HR sections of different governmental and non-governmental organizations; for example, he was staff record manager and general HR manager at the Ministry of Education for three years. Moreover, he, through open completion, was hired as a general in charge of HR section of IECS of IEC; then, he, based on order of President’s Office, was appointed as Head of HR Dept of IECS in the year 2010.

Mr. Farid has participated in many national and international workshops under the titles of HR Management, Election Management and Change Management. He is proficient in Dari, Pashto and English.

Mr. Sayed Abdul Rahim Nawakhtyar (Head of Information and External Relations)

Mr. Sayed Abdul Rahim NawakhtyarSayed Abdul Rahim Nawakhtyar was born in 1978 in a religious family of Watapur Meeran village in Kama district of Nangarhar province. He has completed his primary and secondary education in Peshawar, Pakistan. He graduated from Afghan Sayed Jamaludin High Secondary School in 2007. He came back to Afghanistan for achieving higher education. He started higher education in faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Nangarhar University.

He graduated from faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Nangarhar and obtained his bachelor degree in 2004.

In addition, he has obtained diplomas in Arabic Language and Management from different institutes.

He has participated in many educational seminars and workshops. He can speak Pashto, Dari, English and Arabic languages.

Mr. Nawakhtyar was the founder and director of Spinghar radio.

He stared to work with FEFA in 2004. He has worked there as a legal and training facilitator for around one and half years.

Mr. Nawakhyar was hired as educational and training officer at the Independent Human Rights Commission in 2007. Later on, he was hired as information and external relations officer at the Independent Election Commission in 2008.

He was chief of the secretariat of the association for electoral officials in 2006. He is still a member of the leadership of the mentioned association. He has performed many tasks at IEC since 2008. He has been working as information and media general officer at IEC since 2010.

According to the decision of the IEC top management and approval of the President, Mr. Nawakhtyar is now serving as Acting Head of Information and External Relations Department.